Sarek ski expedition

Sarek ski expedition
Fra SEK SEK 23 950,00
  • Varighet: 9 Dager (ca.)
  • Lokasjon: Jokkmokk, Norrbottens län
  • Produktkode: SkiSarek
The ultimate challenge for the adventurous 

On this expedition you'll be part of a team exploring the remote valleys of Sarek National Park. There are few who visit Sarek On this expedition you'll be part of a team exploring the remote valleys of Sarek National Park on skis. There are few who visit Sarek National Park during the winter, and often we ski for days without seeing more than a handful of people. Surrounded by dramatic mountains peaks in all directions, we follow the rhythm of the nature. There are no trails to follow and we choose our own way through the untouched snow. Some days we enjoy spectacular view and relax in snow couches during lunch and other days we plod through deep snow and snowstorms. Every evening we set up our tents and build our own camp in the snow. We cook tasty dinners made from local specialties and glance out through the tent to get a glimpse of the northern light.

Sarek National Park is one of the most impressive alpine areas in Sweden. The whole country has twelve mountains that reach above 2000 meters and you will find six of them here. The Rapa River, the artery of Sarek, is born in Skarja and supplies the lush Rapa delta with water from melting snow and glaciers. We start skiing west of Sarek and follow Ruohtesvágge into Skarja to get a glimpse of the upper Rapa valley before we continue north. For hundreds of years the Sami people have migrated their reindeers through Sarek National Park and they still do today. However, the landscape is well preserved and you see few signs of people actually living in the area for thousand of years.

  • Enjoy dramatic mountain views
  • Experience fellowship and team spirit
  • Get away from the crowd
  • Eat well and feel good
  • Get physically and mentally challenged
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